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Photography & videography

Capturing the sacred


Bookings are open for 2024 
May ~ Costa Rica
April-September ~ British
September-October ~ Utah and Arizona 


Photography is my deepest passion. My photography sessions facilitate greater connection to self, deep healing, re-writing old stories and softening into self love and acceptance! 

Our container will be approached ceremonially, with your deepest desires at the epicenter of our intention. From our first initial consultation, to choosing the perfect location to highlight your ideal creation, to co-creating your vision, I am here to support your dreams in coming alive. This is a co-creative journey. I will guide you as much or as little as you need to help you feel comfortable with the whole process.

Our time together will begin with a somatic meditation, intended to bring you deep into the core of your body, soul, heart, and your feminine/masculine power. We will tend to your vessel through breath, meditation and conversation, to bring you home to your raw essence and truth. From this place we will enter  into the portal of creation. As you connect with yourself and nature I will capture this sacred union through my artistic vision.

Solo Embodiment Photoshoots 

Empowering photoshoots to capture the embodiment of your authentic essence.

A safe space is held for you to step into your raw and honest expression and have your authentic beauty captured. These photoshoots can be for your own personal self healing and love journey, for business branding and for creative expression! Photoshoots also available for group shoots, pregnancy, birth, couples, and families.

Sliding scale $444-$666

What you receive

40-60 beautifully edited images delivered within 1-2 weeks of our shoot

Our time together can last anywhere from 2-3 hours



Group Photoshoots


Do you have an artistic vision or dream that you have always wanted to create? Gather a group of souls and I will help you co-create this vision! 
Creating group shoots are my biggest inspiration as there is so much creative energy to work with. These shoots become a sort of ceremonial connection to each other, the elements and your self and I have the honour of capturing that connection. Group photoshoots can also include families, organizations and clubs.

Group photoshoots vary in pricing. It depends on what is involved with the project, how many people and so on.

Pricing starts at $555 

What you receive

60-100 beautifully edited images delivered within 1-2 weeks of our shoot

Our time together can last anywhere from 2-4 hours

Weddings and Ceremonies

Traditional weddings, elopements, engagements, non-traditional/alternative weddings, ceremonies of love, mothers blessings, births and  ceremonies of all kinds.


You special ceremony can hold a tapestry of different emotions. Not just outward, expressive moments but inner emotions. I aim to capture the full spectrum of this special day for you. Not just the happy moments, but the real and raw ones as well.

I am a trained birth worker and worked as a doula and midwife for 7 years. I have photographed many births and mothers blessings ceremonies. I am deeply trained to support meaningful rites of passages, so when I capture these moments I hold deep reverence and understanding for the importance of what I am capturing. It is an honour to capture these intimate ceremonies. 

Sliding scale $2000-$3500

(Price varies depending on the length of the event)

What you receive

The total number of images varies from wedding to wedding depending on the events of the day! On average you can expect 75-150 beautifully edited images.

Sneak peak images will be shared within 42 hours of the events. The rest of the images will be delivered within 2-3 weeks.


Events, retreats and festivals

I am passionate about capturing the sacred moments. Whether it at retreats, music, dance or conscious festivals or events of many kinds, I am here to capture the special moments so you can relive them through a beautiful and artistically made video, reel or series of photos.

Commemorate your noteworthy group moments with a beautiful finished product.


The investment depends on the length of the retreat or event and the amount of footage desired. 

Please reach out to discuss a custom price for your event!

Photos only for events starts at $444

Video shoots

$666-$888 sliding scale

This sliding scale can go as low as $555 if the video is simple and short. 

50% deposit required at time of booking to secure your spot


Inquire about scholarship opportunities for financial assistance.​

Looking forward to co-creating magic together!

View more of my work by checking out my portfolio

I am here for you.
Feel free to reach out with any questions or to book your free consultation call.

Instagram - @anabeldelaforet

17782229832 - (What's App + Telegram)


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