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Anabel de la forêt 

"Anabel is an amazing space holder and photographer. She made me feel incredibly safe to unravel, explore myself, and express myself in our photo shoot. The way she guided me was very supportive and we co created some powerful work. She provided so many photos from our shoot, which I really appreciated. Her attention to detail really shows. She captured my essence so perfectly. I can’t wait to do another photo shoot with her!"




"Loved my photoshoot with Anabel. I felt comfortable to create my own flow through my dance and my expression for the images Anabel was capturing. I felt seen and supported through the whole journey of connecting to the elements and being open to play with the camera, to express my signature essence through the photos. It was a beautiful and empowering experience with a sister who is here in service to Mother Earth and a true embodiment of a wild woman in every feminine!"



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+1778-222-9832 (WA + Telegram)
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